Literary Criticism

From “The Long Decline of Reading” by Adrian Hon

As an introduction to my own blog entry on Randall Jarrell and George Steiner, I suggest you read Adrian Hon’s article entitled, “The Long Decline of Reading.”

from The Long Decline of Reading, Adrian Hon, December 28, 2008

The Skill of Reading

In an article title What Reading Does for the Mind, Anne Cunningham and Keith Stanovich describe the importance of reading for all thinking:

Reading has cognitive consequences that extend beyond its immediate task of lifting meaning from a particular passage. Furthermore, these consequences are reciprocal and exponential in nature. Accumulated over time – spiraling either upward or downward – they carry profound implications for the development of a wide range of cognitive capabilities.

Advanced readers really do have a completely different reading experience than learning or basis readers, one that is richer, more entertaining and more engrossing as we can catch the references and asides and jokes. This is what some people call ‘deep reading’, the type of reading the involves analysis and comprehension rather than just word recognition, and it takes time and practice.


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