Literary Criticism

Notable Books of Poetry in 2013

In no particular order of relevance are my picks for notable poetry books in 2013:

Dear Boy by Emily Berry

The Odes to TL61P by Keston Sutherland

Women’s Poetry: Poems and Advice by Daisy Fried

People on Sunday by Geoffrey G. O’Brien

Trances of the Blast by Mary Ruefle

The Hotel Oneira by August Kleinzahler

Red Doc > by Anne Carson

Collected Poetry by Bill Knott

The Gorgeous Nothings, Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems by Emily Dickinson

Marvelous Things Overheard by Ange Mlinko

Quorum by William Fuller

Mutability by Andrea Brady

Go Giants by Nick Laird

Signaletics by Emilia Phillips

Just Saying by Rae Armantrout

Impromptus: Selected Poems and Some Prose by Gottfried Benn (trans. Michael Hofmanm)

Metaphysical Dog by Frank Bidart


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